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Our risk bearer; Anker Insurance

Anker Insurance Company is a contemporary insurer with more than a century of experience. Anker Insurance Company’s focus is on serving specific target groups and on providing niche insurances.

Their history dates back to 1907. When a group of shipowners from the Northern Netherlands decided to finance the care of sick and incapacitated crew members. Acting on the basis of trust, commitment and reciprocity. Fundamental principles that still determine our identity.

Anker Insurance operates on the basis of the philosophy ‘People first’. This means that they put their relationship with partners and customers first. They attach great importance to short lines and personal contact. This is also a big reason why StudySurance started working with Anker Insurance as our broker.

We believe in synergy and together with StudySurance we can serve our common clients the best.

– Manager Anker Insurance, Michelle Hillenaar

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