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Your digital insurance protection abroad when you study in the Netherlands or another EU/EEA country.

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Why insurance with StudySurance?

We can offer you the most digital and sustainable international student insurance that you’ve ever met before.

With 5 minute we relieve international students by offering 3 fully online and flexible insurance options. These insurances allows students to focus on their studies and stay abroad.

You need an easy to understand product, that combines relevant but useful benefits at a great price? With us, you are at the right place!

100% Online

In less than 30 seconds, you will be guided to the insurance plan that suits your needs. You will have all the necessary information for applying to the insurance.

Simple & Fast

You don’t want to lose time with administration, and you need your insurance policy asap for your employer or school? A few clicks and your insurance policy is ready immediately.


These digital international student insurance packages also meet the application requirements for a student visa.

Who can apply?

The insurance is suitable for international students, interns, au pair’s, academics, researchers, and their family members (spouse, children) if the following applies:

  • All foreign students, interns, au pair’s, academics, researchers in the EU / EEA
  • All EU / EEA resident students, interns, au pair’s, academics, researchers studying or training abroad
  • Between 18 to 60 years


Worldwide excluding US territories / Canada / Country of origin

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To make sure that we can offer you the best, quick, simple and safe insurance solutions we work together with international partners that has a lot of experience.

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