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Partnership with iKapitein

StudySurance is not only the most accessible, fast and simple insurance company, but we also want to ensure a more pleasant and sustainable stay in the Netherlands. That is why we enter into partnerships with parties that we believe in and that will increase your perspective in our country or make your life easier.

That is why we have entered into a partnership with the most impactful water recreation company in the Netherlands called; iKapitein. By taking out insurance with us, you automatically receive a 20% discount when renting a sloop, pedal boat or sup at iKapitein.

Rotterdam. Delfshaven. Neighborhood on the Schie. For years, the inland waterway was mainly the domain of cargo ships and cruise boats. It is precisely from the water that you have a magnificent view of the impressive skyline and dynamic city center. A boat trip on the water is therefore a popular attraction for many tourists, day trippers and residents. But where could you do this in Delfshaven or the center of Rotterdam? Not. Born and raised in Delfshaven and founder of iKapitein: ‘Wesley dos Santos’ changed this in 2017. He bought one sloop, built a website himself and made it possible for others to experience Rotterdam from the water.

Since then, iKapitein has grown into the most impactful water recreation company in Rotterdam. Winner of the RET Aardig Onder Award, Sustainable Top 100 company in the Netherlands, ANWB Champion, Clearance campaigns, Awareness program for primary schools and creators of the world’s first pleasure boat with built-in dirt trap. Everything for a better and more vibrant world. Our mission? To become the most impactful water recreation company in the Netherlands where fun, innovation, awareness and recycling come together. Uniting the useful with the pleasant.

Creativity is nothing but the way to solve new problems.

– Wesley dos Santos, founder iKapitein

You can qualify for this with your policy number. What to do for this? Send an email to iKapitein with your policy number, desired date and time you want to sail. Then they do the rest.

  • 1. Search for your policy number from Swisscare
  • 2. Choose a desired date and time you want to sail.
  • 3. Send an email to info@ikapitein.nl with your policy number and desired date.
  • 4. Explore Rotterdam next level.

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