#1 International Student Health Insurance


Meet our broker; Swisscare

Since 2021 StudySurance and Swisscare joined forces to provide digital insurance protection abroad for international students or expats in the Netherlands or another EU/EEA country.

Swisscare was founded in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 2005. The goal of the company was to provide an online health insurance solution for foreign students living in Switzerland. This concept continues to live on and is being continuously improved. Swisscare Switzerland Ltd. is a Swiss licensed insurance broker.

Due to the high demand in the E.U. and E.E.A. for international student insurance solutions and international medical insurance, Swisscare Europe was founded in the Principality of Liechtenstein. This company is the holder of a cross border license that gives access to 30 countries that form the European Economic Area. As an insurance broker, the company provides various solutions in the area of international health and travel insurance.

The markets are always on the move, the countries modify their legislation, the migration flows change from year to year. This creates a constant dynamic in the insurance industry as well as many opportunities. Like a chameleon, Swisscare has to adapt solutions to be compliant and to respond to the high markets demands.

New technologies. Can we speak about the future? It’s already here. StudySurance x Swisscare.

We are happy to announce this collaboration with StudySurance to help students in Holland.

– Swisscare CEO, Mrs. Catherine Egger

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